About The Petite Epicure...

The Petite Epicure came to my mind when I was complaining to a co-worker about how hard it is to cook for one. Especially if you're someone like me who has grown accustomed to cooking for family,
roommates, and the occasional party. I don't know how to cook for one, and so there are times when I am stuck with leftovers for days (not fun for a girl who wants her palette constantly piqued and challenged). My co-worker insisted that I find a solution to this gargantuan problem. I have always wanted to start a food blog, but could never find the right angle. And so, The Petite Epicure : Adventures in Cooking for One began. Why the Petite Epicure you ask? The moniker is simply a description for my diminutive stature and insatiable desire to touch, taste, and smell almost any gastronomic delight. The aim of this site is simple...provide as many intriguing and exciting single serve recipes as possible.

About Me...

I'm Hina. I have an appetite for novelty, adventure, and travel. I have lived in New York City and London, but currently call the District of Columbia home. Despite all this adventure I long for a place that I can truly call home, we will see what the future holds ;). Sometimes I hate writing long paragraphs, so let's make this easy on me, easy on you, and make a list. Here are 12 things you simply must know.

1. I have an unnatural affinity for Spanish Guitar and the Greek Bouzouki. I sometimes walk around the city listening to this music pretending it's the soundtrack to my life.

2. I LOVE eggs. Seriously. I have a monologue like in Forest Gump. You can eat em fried, deviled, over easy (my favorite FYI), poached, hard boiled, baked...

3. Elephants. If I had a spirit animal, they would be it.

4. I sometimes believe that I was born wrong in this world. I wonder whether I would be a better fit for some alternate universe, or the Andromeda Galaxy!

5. On that note, Star Wars!

6. I'm working on getting my century socks at my barre class. 43 classes done, 57 to go!

7. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which can be quite tough at times but I like to think that things like the Petite Epicure might not have existed without my GAD!

8. I am an ambivert who leans slightly toward introversion. Being alone for too long makes me forlorn, but being around people for too long is over stimulating. I normally compensate for whatever the person I'm with is lacking. I'm louder with quiet people, and quieter with loud people.

9. I love to sing. I am most comfortable in the mezzo-soprano range...but can go all the way down to Tenor on a good (bad?!) day.

10. I curse like a sailor. Many friends claim that hanging out with me has given them a more colorful vocabulary, often at the most inopportune times.

11. My red velvet cake recipe has resulted in two, count em' TWO, marriage proposals.

12. I asked my friends to describe me using one word. This is what they came up with...
"A force"
"One Word?!"
And my absolute favorite..."You're crazy, and I'm in love with you"

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